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Life Coaching Services

Coaching can mean different things to different people. And coaches of all stripes “coach” with diverse philosophies. But great coaches know what they coach best, and how to “get the best” out of those they’re coaching. They inspire and motivate with a purpose, and with respect for individuality. Great coaches mobilize the potential, and often the hidden resources, of their clients.

I’m a psychotherapist who offers coaching services. As a psychotherapist, I’m “coaching,” just not “purely coaching.” But in a coaching role, I’m laser-focused on facilitating “personal breakthroughs.” When we make “personal breakthroughs,” we manage to “get out of our own way” to make big changes. We “let go of,” or perhaps learn to better manage, what hinders us from accomplishing important goals.

I coach for personal breakthroughs in:

Couples Counseling
Performance (and Performance Anxiety)
Failure Avoidance
Anger/Rage Management
Worry Addiction (From Worrier To Warrior)
Intimacy Expression

My Coaching Rates 

Standard 45-minute coaching sessions are $150. (Insurance does not cover my coaching services.) For workshop rates, see workshop description and options.
In certain circumstances, my rates are adjustable.

Let’s Get Started!

I’m excited to coach you to new, exciting places and achievements you will proudly own. Let’s do this together! I can be reached directly at:

Cell: 908-456-2679 or use my Contact form.