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Steve Becker, LCSW

My aim is to decrease my clients’ suffering and support their search for increased, responsible fulfillment.

Psychotherapist providing Psychotherapy and Life Coaching services at Westfield, NJ private practice. With 25 years’ experience, I work with adults, couples and adolescents. I also consult widely on the exploitative personalities—narcissistic and psychopathic (aka sociopathic) personality disorders (see links to my book, blog and presentations).

It is my task to find ways to be useful to my clients. I work from several personal premises, viewing good psychological health as directly related to “perspective.” When we have a “good perspective,” we feel better; when we’ve “lost perspective,” we feel stressed. I feel it’s vital and empowering to seek more grounded perspectives, all the time. Also, I believe that we are all vulnerable, with insecurities and anxieties—therefore, paradoxically, the most well-adjusted individuals are those most in touch, and comfortable, with their vulnerability. And the most secure individuals are those walking around least ashamed of, and most comfortable with, their insecurities and anxieties (even while they may be striving to lessen them).

My style is informal, warm, engaging, interactive, with flexibility in my clinical approach. Humor is welcome in my office.

Life Coaching

Psychotherapy Services

• Individual 45 minute sessions
• Couples counseling
• Adolescent and family counseling

Radical Breakthrough Workshops
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