Radical Breakthrough Workshops - Make Big Breakthroughs in a Single Day

Radical Breakthrough Workshops

Making Big Breakthroughs in a Single Day

It’s possible to make big changes–radical breakthroughs–in a single day. This opposes the grain of our thinking. We’re accustomed to believe that change, especially big change, occurs only glacially and from great strain of effort.

With 25 years’ clinical experience, I’ve seen something else: Change, even transformative change, can occur in relative flashes. And I can help you achieve it.

What is a Radical Breakthrough?

A radical breakthrough is the solving of a self-sabotaging issue from whose grip you’re ready to free yourself.This could mean a whole new management of it. Or the relegation of it to a place that no longer harms you (and your interests). Or it can mean the outright retirement, the outright “letting go,” of it.


Making Big Breakthroughs in a Single Day

Let me share a discovery I’ve made. I work very productively and comfortably in the traditional 45-minute psychotherapy-hour model. But when I began offering clients visiting from longer distances extended sessions—of two, three or more hours, amounting to personalized half and full-day workshops—I observed they were making big breakthroughs–“radical breakthroughs” of a kind that rarely occurred in a “traditional session” model.

Just as importantly–these breakthroughs persisted over time.


Who Can Benefit From My Workshops?

Individuals motivated to “let go” of chronic suffering and fulfillment-draining patterns.

Couples who, despite their hurt, disappointment and resentments, retain some love for each other and a genuine (if ambivalent) motivation to salvage and revitalize their relationship.

Families in stress and pain seeking resolution of chronic conflict.

Workshop Options

I offer two Radical Breakthrough Workshops–half (four-hour) and full(six-hour) day workshops. Both can produce the “transformative changes” I’ve described.

The structure of the workshops is relaxed and informal; their aim is single-minded–with laser focus, working collaboratively and closely, I assess the trap(s) in which you’re stuck, and offer strategies out of them. By workshop’s end, you’ll have the tools to reach your breakthrough goals.


Make an Investment in Your Own Future

Radical Breakthrough Workshops are not currently covered by medical insurance (the initial consultation may be covered). The investment for the four-hour workshop is $480. The cost for a six-hour workshop is $625. Workshops are scheduled in advance (usually about three weeks) and a deposit is required. Workshops are offered Monday-Friday, and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.


Let’s Do This

It thrills me to work with clients in this unique way where exciting changes, epiphanies, new commitments, and surprising transformations can occur. What we can accomplish in my Radical Breakthrough Workshops can be life-changing and invaluable.


Contact Me

I can be reached any time on my cell phone at: 908.456.2679. If I’m with a client, I will call you back.

Email me at: powercommunicating@yahoo.com

I look forward to hearing from you, discussing your questions, and scheduling an initial consultation.