It seems most everyone wants to feel more confident, and perceives others to be more confident than they. Most of us fall into “comparison traps” routinely, comparing ourselves to others and imagining, often enviously, that others struggle far less than we. But when it comes to confidence, we’re also victims of some questionable notions. For instance, we tend to view confidence as reflecting and projecting self-assurance, composure, inner security and the appearance of great equanimity. But true confidence really isn’t about the absence of insecurity, uncertainty and vulnerability. To be a human being is necessarily to be full of insecurity and uncertainty. To be a human being is about feeling uncomfortable in our own skins far more often than we’d like. To be a human being is to feel self-doubt far more often than we’d like. What, then, is true confidence? True confidence is about having faith in ourselves to pursue our interests and agendas in unashamed coexistence with our insecurities and anxieties. It’s about proceeding forward in conjunction with all the vulnerabilities that make us human. Sure, we’d love to feel inwardly secure, certain and composed all the time. But we don’t. And when we don’t, we want to summon our “real” confidence to proceed forward anyway. As your Life Coach, let’s have some good talks about real, versus superficial, concepts of confidence—and equip you much more “confidently” with the latter.