Licensed Psychotherapist / Consultant Steve Becker

Media & Books

I am available to the media as a consultant on the exploitative personalities, with extensive expertise in malignant narcissism and psychopathic personality (aka sociopathic personality). I’ve written prolifically on the subject, been sought out for several extensive (and archived) radio interviews, and was a featured, quoted source for the August, 2016 Psychology Today magazine cover story on manipulative personalities. My book, The Inner World of the Psychopath: A Definitive Primer on the Psychopathic Personality, was published May 2015.

I can be reached at 908.456.2679.

Links to my book, work, blog, YouTube channel, and media credentials appear below:

The Inner World of the Psychopath (book)

Unmasking the Psychopath (blog)

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Radio Interview with Martha Trowbridge on “Political Psychopaths”

Video Interview with Joy Jangdhari aired on Manhattan Access Cable

Psychology Today article on “Duping Personalities” in which I’m a prominently quoted source

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